Cousin´s Wedding

Seattle, WA

nope, it was not here in Santiago…I was in Seattle for this, but only for a week.

I went home to attend my Cousin Ryan´s wedding at Volunteer Park´s Asian Art Museum. I was home for a week and it felt like I packed a whole summer into that week. I saw nearly all of my family, I saw friends (not all, sorry for those I missed), I went hiking, I went to Bumpershoot, I went to a Sounders game, The Wedding, I had a friend from Arizona come visit me, I ate out, I went out, I met new people, I saw sun and beautiful sunsets, I went shopping, happy hours, went to a museum, and went on a few bike rides (sadly I was just sick enough to not manage a run).

The wedding was great, I was very happy to be there. I am pretty close with my cousin and his wife. I was actually on their first date…ja ja. It was a very laid back and fun wedding with great cake and good people. They had a great time I know. It was lovely to watch them say their vows, ah so in love…no one cried…good job guys! For me it was interesting to watch my cousin get married before me, he is younger and probably my closest relative. I guess it was equivalent for me to watch a younger sibling tie the not before you. Very happy for them and I wish them all the best. 😀

Take aways:
– Ellen you were a joy to catch up with. Thank you for being so into what I had actually been doing. I wished I had more time to sit and chat. Good luck with that job search!
– Sounders in the ECS area is quite intense. Although after attending a few international games, Seattle still has a way to go before it is anywhere near as entertaining. Also it was nice to understand the chants, finally in my own language!
– Bumpershoot was not the same. They should never have changed the mainstage to Key Arena. It is an outdoor event and that is the best part about it besides the music. Also what was with the comedy acts added?
– Seattle has changed a lot in the last 8 months since I was last there. Everywhere there are new buildings and locals. It was crazy to see. Sad I never invested in Cap Hill!
– The hipster scene has grown immensely and it is super crazy! The fashion of short shirts and high shorts is just not that cool Seattlelites!
– Hiking in the northwest is always amazing and beautiful. It is great to become one with nature, even if for only a short time! Get out there!
– Britt, congrats on the job, all that hard work applying has paid off!
– Kirsten, the house is coming along great! I want to know what the backyard looks like when you decide where to go with it! Also wish there was more time to chill! Come visit!
– Jenna, keep that Sounders tradition alive! Come to Panama and watch next season!
– Gabe, you are a rock star! I am envious of all your endeavors!
– Carina, as always, looking good! Keep working on that foot! Love you!
– Aunts and Uncles, it is always a pleasure seeing you! Plus it is fun to watch the sibling connection, you are all joke-sters…ha ha Love you!
– Mom and Dad, thank you for everything! Dad, i always miss those breakfasts. Mom, I miss having my best friend near by. LOVE YOU!
– Friends, I miss you all, please stay in touch. For those I was not able to see, I wish I had more time, I´ll see you next round! Love ya, keep doing good in the world!
– Sunsets are amazing at home! Take the time to enjoy them!
– There is always something to teach someone out there. Remember what you have done in life and don´t forget to share. Hunter sure enjoyed his first camping experience.

Ok, off to go for my evening Run! Chao!

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