Hello my name is T, short for Tarae.

I am full of stories upon stories, just start with my name.

I have lived in 5 different US cities/states and in 6 different countries but I am originally from Seattle, WA, USA. I also lived and worked 6 years in South America…I have been to over 80 countries and I love sports, which I incorporate everywhere I travel. From marathon´s in just over 3 hours, all distance triathlons (all swim, bike, run events) and hiking/climbing in the mountains…I actually did my first full Ironman (triathlon) on a trip around the world and have run in at least 50 countries.

In early 2020 I completed the full lap around the world, some over 400 days on the road traveling almost non-stop and I am now back in Seattle putting the puzzle pieces together, writing, exercising and exploring the US and the occasional new country! Stay tuned for more posts soon!

I am an endless culture seeker and explorer which leads me to exotic destinations and provides me with off the beaten path plans. I am always looking for the next adventure whether it be nearby or far away, new or old, for a race or just to enjoy in an uncommon or typical way. Either way I create the adventure in the way I see it best for my interests. I tend to travel backpacker style and solo a lot but love when friends join or meet up with me (truth – I never feel alone on the road, there is always someone to meet along the way…).

On my site you will find entries from many different countries visited, lived in or general experiences usually related to sport/travel which are now very much one in the same.

Check my Instagram for more up to date location…@whereintheworldistag

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