You would think growing up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by mountains I grew up hiking but really I started at the end of college. Yes, I had hiked as a child but I wasn´t nearly as passionate about it until after college. 

I now hike almost everywhere I travel just because nature calls me to it and it takes my breath away each and every time. Mountains are something I miss when I am away. I really get cravings for it and envy photos from people who are in the mountains when I can´t be…the same happens to me for running.

I don´t normally count but in 2020 I did over 40 hikes, just to give you an idea of current amounts. Read about some of my climbs and hikes below.

Hiking up to 19,000 feet – 5897m (Ecuador)

Day Hikes from Quito (Ecuador)

Favorite Day Hikes from Seattle, Washington (US)

Meters and Meters Later – 4985m (Kenya)

Simien Mountains Trek (Ethiopia)

Hiking in Patagonia (Chile/Argentina)

Mt. Kinabalu Climb, Borneo (Malaysia)

Mt. Hallasan on Jeju Island (South Korea)