Seasons Change

Bogota, Colombia 2015

After a whirlwind last few months of work and travel (NYC, Medellín, Seattle, Bogota, Arizona) I´m soon to embark on a new adventure and as I see it a new stage in life.

I´m moving to Bogota, Colombia!

Or as I see it from ¨pueblo a ciudad¨ (town to city) with Panama being 1.6 million and Bogota being 8 million inhabitants!

About 2 months ago on 2 important work-a-holic trips I was approached about a job in Colombia. At first when asked about interest in work in other countries I said Brazil. Two years ago I saw myself headed to Brazil by the end of 2015 for the Olympics but with the offer from both my work and HQ I decided that this might be the next challenge for me. Sometimes things don´t go as planned but as I have learned keep an open mind – you shouldn´t pass up great opportunities that will challenge you, make you better, and get you closer to your goals, in addition I know that things happen for a reason.

After much thought and discussions I have accepted this new challenge. Beginning September 1, 2015 I will have a new home, Bogota. Thanks to everyone who has been there helping me analyze everything.

I´m not dropping my Olympics dreams just yet. I like challenges and I see lots of good things in Colombia yet to be changed so after considering all aspects I could possibly think of here I go on the next adventure.

Cheers to making the most out of life and I hope to see you all here in my new city in the near future. I can´t wait for this change and I see so many positives that I am really excited.

No more hiding out in Panama…watch out the real T is about to appear again :D!

**I will include later some photos from the last few months travel and adventures including a Nike Race in Medellin, COL, NYC Running Summit, Home Visit (after 1.3 years), Arizona (after 4 years – its kind of a second home) Wedding y más.

P.S. I AM NOW IN BOGOTA..I wrote this a month or so ago when I had some time…key work SOME.

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