The only US holiday I remember…


The only US holiday I remember…
Des Moines, WA

Des Moines, WA

Finally after 1 year and 3 months I returned home to Seattle. I´ve decided I can handle a year but more than that starts to get to you so I will try not to make it so few and far between if I can help it.

I decided to go home the 4th of July. You might think I choose the day because of the holiday. Being as it really is the only holiday I remember these days it would stand out for me and make a ton of sense. You might also think it was because of family, though a logical reason, they were due for a visit anyway but not the main reason. You might also think because it was summer in the northwest…which is amazing but not it.

The real reason will surprise you….well maybe not?

I picked this date because of a race that occurs the eve of the 4th, yes, a race. It is race that I used to do with my great friend Kirsten when I lived in Seattle. It is a midnight 5km race around the Seattle Center called Firecracker 5000! I had not run it in a several years and couldn´t wait.

Although this year I did not run it with Kirsten, she was there, but instead I raced her husband who has a goal to beat me…I was waiting for him to pass me…he did not. He did however PB for a time under 21 minutes! It was a fun race and I even got to meet the newest Amrine, Zara, who yes at 8 months was awake at midnight :D. I even dragged some of my family there to watch, yes at midnight…they were tired and ready for bed – thanks for the moral support and physical presence!!!

One other heavily persuasive reason for this date was the celebration of my great Aunt Lois´ 100th birthday. Definitely a cool experience. Something that is pretty rare and something no one should miss especially if invited when a relative or close friend makes it to be a century old, that is over 36,000 days of beautiful life folks! With this special day many family members made it to Seattle making the trip extra special and in perfect timing!

Besides these amazing and surprising reasons my trip home was full of great fun and new memories.

  • Few bike rides (one with mom)
  • Some farmers markets full of blueberries and cherries that are dearly missed
  • Annual Sounders game (we won)
  • 4th of July celebration
  • BBQ and Bonfires (summertime must!)
  • Friends and Friends and Friends
  • Thai Food
  • Tour of Seattle and its changes and beauty
  • An almost haircut (she got sick, got it cut in Panama, all went well)


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