Chilean Groceria v. US – Parte 2

Santiago, Chile

US Side

So I made it to a US grocery store to compare. I went to Star market, in Boston…it was a large one with high ceilings…something most here do not have in Chile…high but not massively so. Chilean grocery stores are mainly a part of a block but not the whole lot and many offer underground parking.

It is best to wander through these pictures but what surprised me the most was salad dressing. Also I forgot how invested we are in Hallmark cards and pets! Also of interest was the large baking culture we have….Each of these have almost a whole aisle in the US!

Things I missed the most was real milk and access to many cheeses. In Chile the milk is mainly of the powder or Tetra-Pak sort (non-refrigerated) while cheeses are just not varied or tasty…like 4 types of sandwich sliced options. The US has so many options and even found in multiple locations in the store.

What I brought back to Chile were items I have either a hard time finding or really missed such as dark chocolate 65% +, red licorice, corn tortillas, chocolate chip cookies, granola without sugar, and peanut butter (only because it is cheaper in the US, Chile has it).

Friends asked for me to bring back coffee (Seattle´s best), macaroni and cheese, baked beans, tampons and condoms…ja ja. The last two because they are way cheaper in the US and the brands are better. lol

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