Chilean Fútbol Match (Santiago)

Santiago, Chile

Quite an exciting game! World cup is next year and countries around the world are playing to make the selection. I heard Seattle will host the US team for a game in June. Santiago hosted and will host at least one more game. Since I plan to attend the Copa Mundial and since soccer (fútbol) is such a big sport here (of course, right next to running 😉 I decided to take the opportunity and go to the game. I thought it would be fun since it was Chile v. Uruguay (who won 2 yrs ago the Copa Latina) and would be some good footy.

Unfortunately I did not find anyone to go with me and getting a ticket was more then complicated. It took me a week in total to learn how to get them, I went to a few stores, etc. In the end the only way was online, but even this was tricky, because I needed a local debit-credit card. Luckily my roommate bought it with her card. 😀 (happy to not be running around any longer)

So this was a crucial game because the last game Chile lost to Perú. Only 4 teams per continent goes to the Copa del Mundo (World Cup). Brazil goes automatically because it´s the host. The fifth spot plays the 5th spot in Asia, winner goes. Tops spots before the game were Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay…Chile in 6th.

So the game was such an experience!

FIRST everyone wore Red because the team is called La Roja (Red), and I mean pretty much everyone except the tiny light blue Uruguay section.

SECOND no alcohol is sold in the stadium…this does not mean no one arrives drunk (but the crowd seemed stable).

THIRD there is a lot of security in all sections.

FOURTH security is extreme, each section is gated off with permanent spiked fences and double gated for Uruguay.

FIFTH the field is GRASS!

SIXTH forgot, to enter the stadium you need ID and not even pens can come in (sad since I had to get rid of them, I chucked them over the fence in case they were still there at the end – bc the only ones I have).

LASTLY they do chant there, loud and randomly by section and they do the WAVE but it is very impressive when all are in one color, red.

So result, we WON, putting Chile in 4th place! 2-0 Next we play Venezuela, the spot below us.

And the best part was GLOBOS!!!!

P.S. I did find my pens after the game…so lucky…not even cleaning person caught them!

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