Bogota, Colombia


NRC is Nike´s newest run club available globally. We are the 12th country in the world to have it, the 4th in Latin America and 1st in the territory we manage (Colombia, Venezuela, Central America and Caribbean). This alone is exciting stuff. In the US it is available in various cities and well worth your time. NRC is for every type of athlete, from beginner to advanced, all ages, all backgrounds, all speeds and distances. It is for you and it is an amazing community of runners to be a part of. The sessions offered range from sessions for beginner, speed, distance, recovery (basically all the sessions a runner needs to succeed!) and on top of that it is complimented with the Nike Training Club (NTC) platform en vivo (functional training)! Quality well rounded fun with exercise. JUST DO IT! Look for an NRC near you, if not in your city, come visit and Come Run and Train With Us! #nrcbog  Being global, all trainings are linked worldwide…yes, you can go to Korea and run the same session as your local NRC, just in a different country…pretty damn cool I must say. Now why would I have a whole blog post about this? Because it has consumed my life since July 2015 and it was a long road (often difficult) to get it to launch. Picking Coaches, Pacers, Routes to run, places to train, setting up the system, finding suppliers, training, trialing and a whole lot more takes tons of time and a load of effort to do from scratch. Sorry to the friends and family who I have lost contact with during this process. I promise I am back on the radar as of now! We successfully launched yesterday, March 12, 2016 with a RSG Run (a run for beginners, athletes starting up again, or looking for running technique work and reminders). We launched officially with over 80 runners, a dog, 9 pacers (2 couldn´t be there, as they were competing for Olympic trials), 1 excellent Coach, and lots of staff helping. We started our run in Virrey Park, the normal location for our sessions of running. Normally a RSGR doesn´t have so many people but we opened spots up for the launch to 80 and planned a route that took up both sides of the park and crossed 2 times along the way; the normal route but with a twist ;).  In addition this day we had a special presentation before the running session of the day to celebrate the launch where media, influencers and consistent runners were invited to share with us a personal chat with 3 amazing athletes, 1: obviously a Pacer but a very motivating, young, and successful runner, Sebastian Peralta; 2: Elite athlete and Olympian, Rafith Rodriguez, one of the best 800m runners in the world; and lastly to tie in running in a mainly soccer country 3: Female Soccer player, Daniela Henao (young and very popular here). They ran with us afterwards of course. The past 6 months have been filled with various trials of the routes, training pacers (the life blood of the NRC, the athletes who take you through the training at the pace/ritmo for you while making sure it is fun and a workout). We have had to adjust many times routes, paces, responsibilities and even the launch date! The team of pacers and the coach are amazing and are a tight knit family, just in receiving their official uniform was their happiest day. Coach, Daniela Mor, has helped tie it all together and worked with me as my right hand in many aspects. The agency and my team all are crucial to NRC and its success. I am so happy to have the team and pacer/coach family we have created from scratch. Throughout the whole process I have been highly involved (running in the sessions too) all while juggling my own trainings. Imagine that! My first ever Ironman 70.3 and now the Boston Marathon. Nothing has been easy at all but we achieved it and on we go forward to make every NRC session and contact with consumers better and better. The Nike community is growing positively here, aka I am doing positive things for the brand. In fact, this last week and month was very difficult. I just wanted to be done with everything, I was frustrated, tired, on the edge of getting sick, mad, sad (and no it was not that time of the month!). The launch date changed due to website delays extending our suffering another week. Even the days leading up I managed to send an old document and we were almost delayed again…but i sent it over as soon as possible while everyone was calling me and almost driving over to find me.  I just wanted to relax and destress…so stressed that this news didn´t even seem to bother me…all was get it done, get it done.  Not to mention this very week we had a huge NTC class in Zona T (popular area for entertainment, shopping, food, parties and bars) where 150 women literally took over this area, which again we did for the launch of NRC days later. So you can imagine my team and I were molido (destroyed). All in all, total success. Great experience. Many happy people seeing this come to fruition. On to the next one I guess, but now with loads of experience. To see our work and sessions or register go to 100% local rolo, 100% Nike!   NRC FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! #nrcbog #nrc – look the hashtags up to see what we are up to! Attached are some fotos of the day, the process and February.

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