One Month Left of School in Chile

Santiago, Chile

So three months has passed of this semester leaving me with just one month to go. Wooo almost done with my MBA! Time is just zipping by. Especially this last month, May, of which I spent 2 weeks back in the US to walk with my fellow alumni at Brandeis International Business School. My family came out for it as well. It was great since I never walked for undergrad I got to wear the cap and gown and do the I am a new grad thing. It was also great to see family and friends since it had nearly been 6 months since I was last in the US. Another plus was the weather! Spring there, Chile, winter! Air was breathable too so you can just imagine lots of running and biking :D.

Well like I said the past months have passed quick. Santiago is feeling a bit more like home now. My room has stuff on the walls, I am finally breaking in to meet some Chileans, making contacts and applying for jobs. Although after my trip I feel very undecided where I want to work (in the world) so I am hoping I get my bearing back this month.

Classes have been progressing. Still love photography, and grades seem to be good on most fronts. Classes are way to easy here for me, or so it seems. I find myself with lots of excess time that I do not use wisely. It has all been a good experience though and now I know the profs and students a bit better (we had a welcome dinner for the master´s students at the 2 month mark…no sure why they wait so long). Learning lots of new Spanish words so that is a plus, learning about the local economy and traditions, also plus, and in the process of creating a start-up that is going well thus far (one class of mine, a favorite, even if it is all day Saturday).

Santiago is not really my favorite place but it is livable. I am thinking that in August I may move to the coast though or at least an area I prefer more in the City. Need to decide…

Good news is that the apartment has heat, yeah!… the dollar has value today, and ski season has started!

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